Wednesday, February 13, 2008


I signed up for stickit - very gratified that right now I have nothing on my "to do" list and no unfinished projects - if only that were true. What a wonderful gathering of sites, there are so many wonderful resources for students - not just the traditional but lifelong learners as well.


I didn't set up a profile - a little spooked by the advertising tracking & the difficulties in deleting a profile, I also feel like I've been putting my email address out in so many places lately that I'm about to get the spam-mongous email I used to get before I switched to gmail, and I hate trying to manage spam. I think Ms. Farkas has some excellent points, I agree that it is imperative to be RELEVANT - not just present on a social networking site - this is even more true now than in 2006. We have a myspace at port orchard that Shannon set up & maintains & it remains a great way to reach our teens - but if Shannon stopped maintaining our site, with todays tech-savvy teens, it would be far worse than not having a presence at all. So it requires a commitment, and IMHO - this is not the forum for formal materials requests - although casual suggestions are perfect.

Wiki Week 2!

Okay, so I'm doing these modules less than 20 minutes apart, so I hope this still counts! I wanted to edit the photo on the top of our blog, but out of respect to my good friend jim who looks great in the photo, I kept it up. That was the day the parrot tried to snatch the hat off the secretary of state Sam Reed - the fun never ends at our branch! this is really fun, but I still think wikis are btter internal tools than external as far as libraries go - with the reader wiki being the only "public" application I can see - however, things change by the minute, i could feel differently if I saw a great library wiki. I look forward to using wiki's to track projects, and keep track of information we share at the branch. I love the shipment information and i'm very proud of our staff!

Wiki Week 1

Hilarious 2.0 Wiki - it's so ggreat to work with such creativity. i'm so happy my brnach is permanently moored - for now at least. the proble i can see, and this is the same with any web application, is with keeping the information up to date. Perhaps with wikis, more than traditional websites or blogs where one or a few people are responsible for the content, wikis are dependent on interest being sustained in a subject in order for the wiki to remain relevant. this is particularly true if the wiki is going to be used to list activities, etc. Much of the info I found for Steven's county was out-of-date, and with no one person responsible for updating, it's easy for this to fall through the cracks. I think wiki's have some great uses - I particularly like the idea of a reader's wiki for KRL patrons and project-specific wikis for staff.


I could be the last one to hoot on twitter before the deadline! Yikes - i still have 4 modules to go - will I make it??? This was kinda fun, although, to be honest I don't see myself using this because I'm not a freaky im'r, and that's really the only application i can see this having. Although it is cool that it can be used in emergency situations - like earthquakes apparently.

more youtube

How many hours have I spent on youtube? My kids love it, they love to watch themselves on youtube, but they really love the harry potter sock puppets - this laughing baby is one of my favs - alas it's nothing without sound, so viewing it at work won't be very rewarding.